Harald im Rio

Here are two pictures of the inside of my Diamond Rio

Rio-4-thumb.jpg (10373 Byte) Rio-5-thumb.jpg (10113 Byte)

Click the images for larger versions (about 1200 by something). It should be possible to read IC markings.

I am using the Rio while riding my bicycle and I really like the fact that it doesn't have any moving parts inside.
Since I mainly use Windows NT in my daily work on the computer, I have modified the free (Open Source) software from the guys at Snowblind Alliance so it runs under Windows NT (my favourite desktop operating System), if you want the modifications get them.

My version of the software features a very basic GUI and is based on the "giveio" device driver described in Dr Dobbs Journal. It attempts to load the driver dynamically, although this seems to fail rather often at the moment. If anybody wants the stuff, I'll work on it till it works reliably. The GUI lets you upload stuff into the RIO and has the delete and initialize functions on pushbuttons. It doesn't ask questions and I haven't finished drag and drop reordering of songs (haven't missed it yet).

The main problems with the software from Diamond are these: everything works only with Windows 95, the software is rather heavily styled with no emphasis on quick operation and the MusicMatch stuff is horrible to look at and doesn't work reliably. I have bought AudioCatalyst from XING in order to replace MusicMatch - AudioCatalyst works great under NT and has a rather fast MP3 Encoder. For the download application I had to write my own little app (really only a few hours with Borland's C++ Builder).